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Crowns and Bridge

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement solution for an individual who has a single missing or multiple missing teeth. In this a bridge of teeth is placed by taking the support of two adjacent teeth.

How many teeth can be on a bridge?

The minimum amount of teeth structure required in a bridge is two abutments i.e. two tooth for support on either side of the gap & one false tooth. But it mostly depends on the number of missing teeth of the patients and its adjacent teeth.

Can the dental bridge be taken out during the day or at night?

No, a dental bridge cannot be taken out as it is a fixed dental prosthetics which means it remains placed once it has been bonded with the teeth. Dentist use various bonding material such as GIC etc. to fix the teeth. But in some cases when it becomes very necessary, a dentist can take it out by using various cutting instruments.

Is the process of fixing the dental bridge painful?

The process of fixing a dental bridge is painless. The work to prepare the teeth that will anchor the bridge known as abutments is sometimes painful but it is mostly done under the effect of local anesthesia. After that when a temporary bridge is placed there may be a little discomfort or pain and can be resolved by a mild analgesic.

Can a bridge be placed in any type of missing teeth?

As the name suggest it’s a bridge so it will require minimum of one missing tooth and two teeth to act as an anchorage to support the false tooth that is placed in the missing tooth.. but sometimes when there is only one adjacent tooth a type of bridge known as cantilever bridge can be placed. But it is not used commonly done and not recommended in the back of the mouth as too much pressure can damage the supporting tooth.

How long is my bridge supposed to last?

It usually last from 5-15 years. But with only a good oral hygiene, regular cleaning and check up of the bridge.

How will I know if a dental bridge is loose or can it fall out?

There will be a few signs that will let you know that your bridge might be getting loose. There might be some movement when it is touched by fingers or tongue. There will be sensitivity in the region where bridge is placed.  There might be some biting issues while chewing the food. You can also a feeling of bad taste in your mouth sometimes.

Once the bridge becomes loose as the holding teeth or bone is damaged by any dental problem it may sometime fall out.

Is it possible for teeth to get infected and cause pain under a bridge?

Yes, the teeth can get infected and cause pain under the bridge if it not fitted properly. The short margins or space between the abutments may let bacteria and acid destroy the healthy teeth and lead to pulp decay.  Due to this the bridge might also not last long.

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