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Thread Lift

Facelift is a term commonly known by the masses and is one the most sought out procedures in the world. Keeping your youthful looks is no simple task and this surgical procedure helps when the age causes facial skin laxity – jowls and drooping of the cheeks, facelift is known the be the treatment to take care of these issues. However, a facelift is not a walk in the park, you have to signup for a surgical procedure, go under the knife, pay a large sum of money, be bedridden with a bandage across your face and run the risk of infection etc. Thread lifts on the other hand, is the best alternative you can find in the beauty field today.

The procedure entails temporary sutures to produce miniature lifts in the skin, visible but subtle. There is no surgical tooling involved so no removal of skin or any other parts. The loose skin is suspended and stitched in proportions which pulls and holds the skin back tightly and accommodates a lifting and tightening effect of the face. Collagen provocation due to the process, helps trigger a healing response and targets the treated areas. This helps halting the aging process in a more natural way than cosmetic.

Thread lifts provide progressive rejuvenation of the facial tissue and the patients experience improvement and firmness in their skin. Tightening of the skin happens in due time and the patient do not feel any discomfort or annoyance. As the skin heals around the sutures, most of the patients won’t even notice it due to the threads being so small.

Post procedure precautions

  • Do not rub your face or use ointments or creams or soaps without checking with us
  • Keep your head propped up while sleeping and avoid the sides
  • Use clean towels and bedding
  • Take pain meds that we will prescribe to reduce the discomfort
  • Take a day off and rest

It is important to know that due to its noninvasiveness, thread lift only provides a few millimeters worth of lift and no matter what procedure you choose, these lifts are not permanent. It is important for us to point out that the facelift surgery has longer lasting effect which can last up to a decade while a thread lift can last you for about 3 years.

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