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Flouride Application

How does fluoride benefits in protecting the teeth?

Fluoride helps the tooth to rebuild or re-mineralize those teeth which have weakened tooth enamel. It also helps in reversing the early sign of decay.

What are the various ways of applying fluoride on teeth?

Fluoride can be applied using fluoride gel in a tray or fluoride varnish with help of a brushing

How is fluoride varnish applied to the teeth?

The fluoride application is done by firstly painting the liquid on the top and sides of every tooth either with a small brush or using a mouthguard. It is basically sticky in nature but it starts hardening once it comes in contact with the saliva. Once it applied all over your child may start to feel the hardened varnish with their tongue, but don’t worry they won’t be able to lick it off.

The process doesn’t hurt and the application only takes a few minutes.

After the fluoride is applied what precautions are needed to be taken?

There aren’t any special precautions needed after the fluoride therapy, ask your doctor if your child does need any special care. But in general, your child can eat and drink right after the application but try to give them only soft food items that are either cold or warm. Try to avoid hot food or beverages for 4-6 hours. The other thing your dentist may ask your child is not to brush or floss for the next 4-6 hours and to wait until the next morning.

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