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Dental Arches and Human Posture. Your Teeth Influences Your Spine!

Believe it or not! Your teeth and tooth positions and dental arch forms are related to the growth of the cranio-facial complex and actually determine your posture and spine. If you think that is unbelievable, read on !
To determine the positions of primary teeth and size and shape of the primary dental arches, casts of teeth are examined. In all casts the coordinates of cusp tips and arches depths etc are digitized. The computer-generated curves are then made for the patient !

Well, in simpler terms … your teeth determine your face shape and posture and that can be corrected. On an average, girl’s dental arches are smaller than boy’s dental arches.

With orthodontics and restorations, dentists can often manipulate the size, shape, arches and arrangement of teeth to subtract years from a face and even improve your posture.

To understand how it works, imagine someone with no teeth, like say your grandpa without his dentures. Without the support of his teeth, his mouth collapses onto itself. Doesn’t it ?
The lower portion of his face shrinks. Now imagine grandpa pops in his dentures. His face fills out. He doesn’t look young, but certainly less old.

Grandpa is an extreme example, but this loss of support and subsequent facial “shrinkage” doesn’t occur only in the toothless, because teeth gradually change shape throughout adulthood the face and posture does change even if the arches are crooked .

Teeth, especially those in the back, and upper jaw greater impact the posture and affect the spinal cord as well. Since everything in the human body is inter connected the result of uneven tooth spacing, dental arches discrepancies all impact human posture.

As a result, the smile (or arch) becomes narrower, offering less support to teeth and facial structure !

The result is an aging look and sunken and unsymmetrical look which can be altered by our orthodontists at Partha Dental Clinics.

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